Told you so...
Thursday, November 6, 2008, 06:52 AM

I believe that I was the first person to officially call it on January 4th of 2008. The man is incredible, and yet just a man. He speaks and people cry. It's unreal.
Out of the darkest days of the reign of George Bush comes what will be one of the greatest men in American history: Barack Hussein Obama.

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Barack Obama Will Be President.
Thursday, October 16, 2008, 04:29 AM

I haven't blogged in a long long time.
The third debate is over tonight and the Obama / Biden team are 4/4 in terms of the debates. McCain is falling apart. The Republican Party is falling apart. It's kind of sad really. They came from such humble roots.


They did it to themselves. They chose these positions they let this happen. All of it.
That being said Obama is without a doubt presidential material.

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The first thing Barack Obama needs to do when he is president.
Friday, January 4, 2008, 07:04 AM

I post this not because of the results of the caucuses tonight, but rather as my take on the larger picture of the political spectrum.

The first thing he needs to do when he takes office is make a speech.
Not a speech declaring the end to the war, but a speech to unite America. Too long have we been divided over petty differences.
We need to move on to more substantive issues than anna nicole's death.

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several monks killed in myanmar protests
Thursday, September 27, 2007, 05:46 AM

The monks in Myanmar, Burma have been protesting for about a week. In a country where all dissent is crushed by a brutal military over 100,000 brave souls took to the streets today. Would that the citizens of my country yearned as much for their freedom.

CNN has more...

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Congress Censures
Wednesday, September 26, 2007, 07:34 PM
Not only is this laughable, but it's downright unamerican. Since when does congress censure free speach? If congress honestly believes that this ad was damaging to America to the point of requiring censure then there ought to be hearings and reps for should be called in front of congress to answer for this.
Moveon reps should be quick to point out however that the SBVfT (swift boaters) weren't censured when they burned the story of a war hero named John Kerry. They could also go over the facts in the ad and how they reached their conclusions.

Link to the vote story here

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Sandisk Sansa E260 review. An in depth look at my new favorite ipod killer.
Friday, August 24, 2007, 06:46 PM
UPDATE: Switched the OS to Rockbox [] and now it really is the best player ever. Not only is doom included with the OS, but its open source, also includes 20 other games and a game boy emulator to boot.


I am writing this review after purchasing the Sansa E260 Mp3 player. I have read nearly every review on this product prior to purchasing this product. Long story short I had the chance to get a free ipod nano from a family member. I started doing some research and found that the nano had many drawbacks from my point of view. I ended up purchasing the E260 gently used off of a reputable ebay seller for 67$ and 10$ shipping. Upon receiving the E260 I can honestly say that I will probably never buy another mp3 player.

To begin, this player is super sleek and low profile. While it is about twice as thick as the nano, when testing store display models, the nano almost felt too thin (if that is possible) the nano really felt almost like it would break if i squeezed it too hard. The E260 is thicker, but still is about half as thick as my cell phone. Some reviews have complained about the 15-30 second boot up time, saying that it is "too long". This made me laugh. I didn't really notice the boot up time at all. Once the E260 is booted up the screen is crisp and doesn't give that "viewed from the side" distortion that some small screens give. The main menu that pops up is controlled via the "endless" jog wheel that lights up a cool blue on the front of the player. Some people say it feels "too loose" or "chincy". I personally love the feel of the wheel and it is rather accurate when scrolling through the menu. One thing to note about the jog wheel is that it is possible and even easy to use the jog wheel through the included carrying case. I find that it is very easy to adjust the volume with the player in its case in my pocket without even looking at it which is a plus. Some reviewers have complained about the low profile buttons, but I like them and have had no problems getting used to them. The giant button in the center of the jog wheel is a great addition and works well.

The menu itself is EXTREMELY responsive no lag or stutter when scrolling through the menu. There is no hesitation at all when switching icons and I have noticed NO lag at all in the performance of the OS in general. Some reviewers have complained about the OS locking up or crashing. So far this hasn't happened to me.

The battery in this unit is a HUGE plus. Not only is it a high power rechargeable lithium-ion battery, but it can also be EASILY replaced by the user- an option not available on the nano or any other ipod for that matter. Other reviews have placed the battery life at 24 hours, 20 hours, and 17 hours. I haven't run the unit all the way down, but I can honestly say that it will last for 2 full days of work shifts for me.(approx 15-17 hours) This means that even if I forget to charge it one night it will still last through my entire shift the next day which I love. The drive in the E260 is flash memory so the battery is not wasted spinning up a mechanical drive and the access time is extremely fast.

Many people have complained about the need to convert the pictures and video. The included Sandisk conversion utility is good, and pictures transfer to the unit extremely quickly. They only take up about 73k on the player, but you have to rotate them manually before putting them on because the E260 doesn't auto rotate them for you. The video of course takes a little longer to transfer, but I loaded a full episode of The Family Guy onto the player and had no problems with it lagging or stuttering during playback. I really don't mind watching video on this small of a screen (some people do) as long as the quality is good. While the video is limited to 15fps, I didn't notice a strain on my eyes while watching.

I really hate using proprietary software like itunes and rhaphso-whatever to move my music around. But other reviewers have praised this unit for being fully subscription-service compatible for what it's worth. I'm not sure if it is DRM compliant but I don't think so.
I love the fact that the E260 is drag and drop for music files and also can act as a pen drive more or less. I also like the fact that I can take media OFF of my player which is a huge pain with an ipod.

The thing that really takes the cake with this E260 is the microSD card slot!!! No ipod has this! You can more or less double the memory in this thing w/ a few microSD cards. This is really invaluable to me especially if you want to put an entire season of a show on SD cards for trips and other uses so as not to fill up the onboard memory. I was also considering buying a digital voice recorder for various reasons (I am an amateur musician) but now I don't need to because one is included in the E260. There is a button on the side of the unit just for one touch voice recording - how convenient!!!! It also has a fm tuner and the potential to record directly from the tuner.

The drawbacks of this unit were few and far between and consisted of mostly technical anal retentive preferences of my own. For instance, you can't delete songs directly from the player, and you can't see the available free space left on the E260 when you look at it in "My Computer". Instead you have to go into the player's settings menu and go to info at the bottom to see how much space is left.

You also can't sort/move the songs or edit the titles directly from the player, but I'm not sure you can w/ any other player either. A few more options would be nice in terms of track info. I find myself wanting to know what bitrate a certain track is encoded at sometimes or how big the song is. So more information would be nice. There is no search function to find songs. I would love to see Sandisk put out a new OS with more options, and maybe even the potential to play some cell-phone style games (tetris, asteroids, etc). I would also like to see the ability to password files and folders. Since you can use this like a pen drive some more security options would be nice.

Another big drawback is that there is no included AC adapter in the base package. You have to buy it separately. Charging is done w/ the usb cable included and reportedly takes 2.5 hours top charge fully. My only other gripe is that ID3 tags are more or less required if you want your music sorted into categories by this player but that is pretty much standard for any other Mp3 player including ipods.

All in all this player is exactly what I was looking for. It is sleek stylish small and has TONS of features not found in the ipod line. IMO this Sandisk Sansa E260 is a total ipod killer. All naysayers are pretty much splitting hairs and nit-picking.

Crisp screen
Sound quality good
microSD slot
fm tuner
voice recording
replaceable battery
cool blue jog wheel
long battery life
plays color video
color picture slide show (w/ music)
fairly rugged
one touch voice recording

OS could be improved slightly
no ac adapter included
usb cord only 1 meter long (probaby because of attenuation)

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