The president gets mugged
Wednesday, June 13, 2007, 04:16 AM
Pretty much by the first 3 guys to shake his hand.

Cindy Sheehan can't get within talking distance of Bush but Albanian street thieves can practically molest him and the secret service doesn't know at all?

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Wireless Energy Transfer!!!
Friday, June 8, 2007, 05:30 AM
Ever want to light up a 60w light bulb from 7 feet?

So did the guys at MIT!

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After the Surge
Sunday, June 3, 2007, 05:45 PM
There seems to be a misunderstanding among some of the conservative circles that after the surge we will be in Iraq for anywhere from 1 to 50 years and eventually the fighting will end when at some point a unity government is created and all the factions agree to agree on something ANYTHING.

What those people are failing to realize is that this is not just another war. This is not a conflict that will have an ending. This administration has created the next Palestine / Israel conflict. This war will rage for the next 200 years. Probably more.

When this conflict turned from invasion to occupation to civil war a battle was resumed that had been extremely one sided and fought since the day after Mohammad died.

Let me explain. The bombing of the golden mosque (supposedly orchestrated by Al-Zarqawi) opened up a can of worms between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Why would the bombing of a Mosque set off a civil war? This conflict goes to the heart of both sects belief structure.

From my limited understanding of this history of Islam this is the gist of the situation:

The Sunni's believed that when Mohammed died that his successor as caliph to lead the Muslim people should be succeeded by the one most qualified to lead and that that person would not be infallible, but rather the majority would decide what Muslim law would and should be. The Shia on the other hand believed that Mohammed's cousin Ali should succeed the subsequent successors of Mohammed as caliph and that as the chosen of Allah his decree would be infallible.
For more information on the differences between Sunni and Shia Muslims you can go here
or for a nice chart to sum it up you can go here
So more or less since the day Mohammed died these two factions have been waging war.

Now onto Saddam. Saddam was a Sunni and fought fiercly to keep his power. He quelled two rebellions by the Shia and the Kurds and ruled with an iron fist. He somehow kept the country out of civil war by oppression, fear and murder.
When Saddam was deposed by the US in 2003 the roles of the sects changed dramatically. By the time the Mosque was bombed the damage was irreparable.

This civil war will not end because neither side can or will concede their beliefs to the other in order to form a unity government. Iraq as a country is doomed to fracture, and it is about time that we admit to the American people that there is no longer any way we can do a damn thing to affect the outcome for good or for worse.

My prediction is that the country of Iraq will fracture regardless of what we do. There will be huge shifts of people into secular areas of the country. Anyone continuing to live among the other sect will continue to be tortured and slaughtered.

This is why nation building is a bad idea.
Lets not let this happen again.
Lets hold those responsible for getting us into this mess to account.

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Harry Reid channels..... well ... me.
Thursday, May 24, 2007, 06:41 PM
this is a wierd coincidence if you ask me, but two posts down I declared that victory was no longer possible. approximately a week later Harry Reid put out a similar statement saying in fact that the war is lost.

Let's see if we can do this again.

Alright Harry here goes. George Bush should be Impeached for violating the Constitution, more specifically the 4th Amendment thereto.

Go get 'em.

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RIP Kurt Vonnegut
Thursday, April 12, 2007, 05:08 PM
He was 84. What a great champion for morality and decency throughout his life.

More from Slashdot.

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I'm going to say it
Wednesday, April 11, 2007, 04:36 AM
Victory is no longer possible in iraq.
Bush has f*cked up the situation so badly that we can no longer have a positive effect on the outcome regardless of our military actions.
The solution to the problem in iraq is the one thing the Bush Administration is completely and utterly incapable of doing:

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